The lumberjack butcher of Kashyyk


Player – Jared

Arriarra was a lumberjack on Kashyyk. He specialized in retrieving the largest and hardest-to-obtain hardwood from the lower jungle tiers. He knew he had come into his career when he had saved up enough funds to purchase a custom-built Mk. VIII Vibrosaw from the Greel Wood Logging Company.

When the Empire took over the planet following the Battle of Kashyyk, Arriarra was at a depot unloading a new batch of wood. With no other weapons available, he took up his Vibrosaw against the Clone Troopers that came to subjugate him and the others at the depot. He then fled to the under-tiers of the jungle and joined up with a resistance movement against the Empire. His use of the Vibrosaw earned him the moniker “The Butcher” among Imperial forces on Kashyyk.

After the resistance on Kashyyk made contact with the Alliance forces, Arriarra joined up with the Alliance as a local representative of the Wookiee fight against the Empire. His valor and unrelenting honor in protecting his squadmates has subsequently earned him some recognition among the Rebels.




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