Jonas Rigger

Clone Wars Pilot turned Rebel to avenge his lost friends


Player – Paul

Jonas fought in the Clone Wars as a young pilot in the plantary defense force of his home planet. His squadron was made up of an all-volunteer group of pilots that quickly gained a reputation for exceptional skill and luck. The Squadron suffered drastically fewer casualties than most other groups while claiming a substantial number of kills during defensive operations.

Jonas himself was twice decorated and is still known locally as the “Hero of Valence” following a mission in which he single-handedly destroyed an entire squadron of droid bombers before they could drop a single bomb on the town of Valence on his homeworld.

When the Rebellion began, Jonas and his squadron-mates all joined to help fight the Empire. Having fought so long and given so much to preserve the Republic, they were furious to see it brought down from within. They also dreamed of the glory and fame of being heroes of not just some backwater planet, but of the Republic itself.

They were unprepared for how outmatched the Rebellion was in the face of the Empire. In their first engagement, nearly half of Jonas’ squadron was killed, including their long-time leader. Jonas reluctantly took command of the surviving squadron, but the losses the squadron suffered weighed heavily on him. As the plight of the Rebellion worsened and more friends were lost, Jonas sank deeper and deeper into depression. He began to throw himself at the enemy with reckless abandon, as if seeking to exact revenge on the Empire for each of his lost friends. It wasn’t long before few of the other Rebel aces would work with him, considering him dangerous and foolish. The only pilot who would consistently fly with Jonas was his best friend and the last of his original squadron, Roland.

While on a routine system patrol with Roland, the two pilots were encountered the vanguard of an Imperial strikeforce. Roland recommended they retreat and warn the Rebel base, but Jonas ignored him and engaged the enemy. Despite being outnumbered nearly 10 to 1, Jonas and Roland took a heavily toll on the enemy and looked to be gaining the upperhand. The fight turned against the two, suddenly, when a Nebulon B Frigate appeared at their position and launched a fresh wave of fighters. Jonas finally relented and agreed to retreat. As they prepared to jump away, Roland’s hyperdrive was disabled. With fresh fighters on the way, Roland begged his friend to flee and warn the other Rebels. Jonas reluctantly agreed and jumped to hyperspace with the promise that he would return for Roland.

After warning the other Rebels of the impending attack, he disobeyed orders to return to base and instead went back to save Roland. However, the fight was over by the time Jonas had arrived. The only sign of his friend he could find was a smashed Z-95 cockpit floating amidst the wreckage of a dozen TIE fighters.

The Rebel base came under attack shortly after and many lives were lost during the forced retreat. While the official report leveled no charges against Jonas, it was widely speculated that he was responsible for the success of the Imperial attack as well as the death of Roland. Since then, he has drifted from squadron to squadron, lasting only as long as it takes for his reputation and attitude to convince his superiors to transfer him away.

Recently he’s been operating with the strike team known as the Wamp Rats.



Jonas Rigger

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