Karka Zikri'skra

The Bothan that crossed 2 and a half hutts.


Player – Jared

Karka Zikri’skra grew up as an orphan, urchining out a living on the streets of the Askra clan city-seat of Bothawui. Cunning and gifted with a sort of prescience, he quickly became a local legend for his thievery. As a young adult, he was weaponized by his clan to steal the Askra Stele back from another clan, which had taken it centuries before. He successfully completed the mission, and in reward for the restoration of the clan’s pride, his clan honored him with the gift of a Kamperdine Tailored Armored Jacket, which is his most prized possession. Karka Zikri’skra then set out to become not only the most famous thief in his clan, but in all of Bothawui, and from there the galaxy.

As such, Karka is driven by ambition for fame—or infamy, rather. He wishes to be well known as the best thief in the galaxy, against whom no target is safe. As a Bothan, he understands that fame brings its own influence and power in negotiations; for similar reasons, he also specializes in stealing information and tech, because he understands those items can be worth far more than mere priceless artifacts.

Karka has a great distaste for blood and violence, preferring to avoid bloodshed wherever possible. Simply murdering everyone in his way does not garner a reputation for brilliance at accomplishing the seemingly impossible and being somewhat of “a ghost” in his missions. Of course, if it comes down to his life, he’ll respond with unhesitating and dispassionate force, but only as a last resort. Karka uses deceit, defense, and deflection to avoid reaching that last resort. He tries to keep himself well-balanced and adaptable in honing his skills so that he can use his quick wits to get himself into or out of any sort of circumstance.

Moving beyond Bothawui, Karka Zikri’skra began running independent contracts for the Hutt Cartels, but he disliked their thuggishness and fickleness. After losing out on several paydays with two and a half Hutts, Karka planned an all-at-once revenge strike against the offending Hutts to balance the scales. He worked this exploit so that it also spread the fame of his name. Unfortunately, it worked a little too well, and the Hutts put a massive bounty on Karka’s head. The only place he could find beyond the reach of the bounty hunters was inside the Rebellion on Yavin IV….



Karka Zikri'skra

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