Mada Roolek

Force Sensitive Rodian Gadgeteer


Player – Robert

When Mada first joined the Imperial Army, he thought he’d found the career of his dreams. Speeding through basic training with flying colors, he quickly found his niche as a bounty hunter. Criss-crossing the galaxy on the Empire’s dime was the perfect way to unleash his natural rage and violent tendencies developed through a rough childhood growing up in the fighting gangs on his home planet. Mada had always had a flair of luck about him, somehow managing to gain the upper hand in a fight he should have lost, and it stuck with him into his adulthood. He could almost always count on stumbling into just the right cantina to spot his mark, or making a blind shot with his blaster that shouldn’t even have been possible. He never questioned it, he just ran with it and enjoyed the credits as they flowed in.

All of that changed after what turned out to be Mada’s final mission as an Empire-sanctioned bounty hunter. He’d been scouring some dilapidated ruins on a backwater planet in the Outer Rim in search of his next paycheck when he ran across a shadowy figure in flowing robes. Immediately he felt a mysterious and undeniable connection to… something. Something about the old man that he could somehow sense, but which he didn’t understand.

Before he could so much as question the man, a battalion of Storm Troopers surged into the ruins, blasters firing! The old man whipped back his cloak and an electric hum filled the air as he turned on a lightsaber. Mada felt a surge of empathy swell up as he watched the old man deflect dozens of blaster bolts and cut down ten Storm Troopers. He seemed distracted though, constantly looking towards Mada, and was quickly overwhelmed by numbers and fell with a searing hole in his chest.

What happened next is still a blur in Mada’s memory, but when it was all over, the entire battalion lay dead on the ground, and Mada held the lightsaber in his hand. For months, he practiced with it in the deserted halls of what must have been Jedi ruins. Tapping into some power that he’d never felt before, and some innate empathy with this ancient weapon, Mada developed a primitive but deadly efficient fighting form.

He knew that as soon as he left the planet, his life would be indelibly changed. It didn’t take long for the Empire to discover what had happened to the battalion they’d sent. His bounty hunter credentials were invalidated and a price was set on his own head.

Mada roamed the galaxy on the run for years in search of some new direction in life. Now he’s taken up with a ragtag group of rebel sympathizers fighting against the only enemy Mada cares about any more. Gone are the days of hunting down whoever the Empire decided needed to die. The Empire callously cut down someone that Mada had instantly known, deep in his soul, was somehow a kindred spirit. The Empire is evil. And Mada will do whatever it takes to hone his battle skills, discover the truth about himself, and become the Empire’s worst nightmare.



Mada Roolek

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